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Order to Cash Processing

Houghton Mifflin Publishing Company

"Our company implemented SAP R/3 in November, 2006 and we used standard R/3 report transactions as well as some custom reports that we had developed prior to go-live. While we liked the interactive features of the R/3 reports, we felt like we had to dig into many screens to obtain the information needed.

Many of the orders we receive from customers contain 50 to 150 line items. They can ship from multiple distribution centers and there are often stock issues and subsequent backorder releases. As a result, it is difficult to maneuver through the order document flow to quickly see the status of each line item. VA05 was somewhat helpful, but still did not contain all of the information that we needed in order to quickly respond to customer inquiries.

In May, 2007 we purchased OTCM. We found the application to be very intuitive and our Customer Service Representatives were quickly adding new variants to cover the many types of inquiries they receive during the course of the day. We no longer had to search through the document flow to obtain line item or delivery status or carrier tracking information. Within a month, we were hearing that our CSRs no longer used VA03 or VA05 when looking at orders in SAP. They began to rely solely on OTCM because all of the information was available in one interactive report that could easily be exported to Excel and sent to customers.

OTCM has been the best investment we have seen since we implemented SAP. It has made our lives so much easier and has enhanced the service to our customers."

- Sue Krohn
Service Director

FMC Corporation

FMC is currently using 3 packages of OTCM to support its business divisions and is achieving efficiency in processing and handling of sales orders.

Superior Uniform Group

Superior Uniform Group is using OTCM to improve its efficiency in handling customer sales orders and inquiries. Based on current volume, it is expected to save over 40 hours/ week or over 2000 hours in cost saving on a yearly basis.

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