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Invoice Cockpit for SAP


Invoice Cockpit is the control center for the Accounts Payable clerk within SAP. From here, all relevant data for invoice processing can be accessed and every required processing step can be either executed directly or initiated. The data is received either via an OCR solution, electronic invoice (PDF, XML) or in electronic form (EDI).

With Invoice Cockpit you will see a 100% SAP integrated solution with:

  • Display all relevant data for every invoice, including scanned image
  • 3 Way Match
  • Automatic Company Code Recognition
  • E-mail Capability
  • Adjust and complete invoice data
  • Directly access and view the most important SAP data for each invoice
  • And all of this leads to a Faster Process that will reduce your companies overall cost and processing errors

As a fully SAP-certified Add-On, integrating Invoice Cockpit requires no modification of SAP standard. The use of the familiar SAP environment ensures minimal additional training costs.

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Web Cycle for SAP


Web Cycle is a complete workflow solution for processing incoming invoices. It incorporates all relevant departments of your business into one workflow. For each individual processing step, the invoice image and the invoice data in electronic form are routed through the company and can be attached, annotated, and approved by the various workflow users.

Web Cycle enables the AP clerk to:

  • Request account assignment information
  • Obtain authorization/approval
  • Clarify variations in goods received
  • Adjust price discrepancies with the purchasing department
  • From a technical point of view, the capabilities provided by Web Cycle include:

    • Access to the workflow via SAP
    • Access to the workflow via a portal or intranet application (using an email alert with a link to the workflow document)
    • User administration
    • Flexible customizing for handling customer-specific processes
    • Definition of a processor group and processing instructions separately for each step
    • Connection to SAP Business Workflow
    • Its own business object, which expands the functions offered by SAP Business Workflow

Web Cycle offers a "single point of entry" for the AP clerk. Therefore, it is possible at any time to trace who is currently working on a document and what the status of a document is. In order to prevent loss of discounts, invoices that are due are brought to one’s attention and can be dealt with individually. In addition, Web Cycle stores all transactions in a message log, which can then be accessed from inside the workflow or from Ebydos Invoice Cockpit.

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ValiData BW for SAP


The value of SAP BW data is in its quality, not its quantity. All it takes is one incorrect piece of data to cause your reporting community to lose confidence in your BW system. Even worse, a few critical data errors can lead to poor business decisions. Now, things can be different - by using ValiData BW with your SAP BW systems. With ValiData BW, you get the ability to launch deep data comparison and validation content, customize your own validation objects, automate validation jobs, and analyze validation results with a variety of powerful user interface options.

Look at the benefits of using ValiData BW across your SAP R/3 and BW environments.

  • helps to improve the reputation of BW system data quality with users
  • significantly reduces time and effort spent by SAP resources to validate BW data quality (which equates to significant IT resource cost savings)
  • creates an automated data quality control process to validate data between R/3 and BW
  • flexible and generic validation workbench and architecture performs fast with low system overhead
  • enables validation of quality of values and characteristics across different time dimensions (day, month, fiscal period, year)
  • eliminates the 'gaps' encountered by manual validation, by validating the entire data set
  • centers your data warehouse design around achieving optimal data quality

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