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Accounts Payable Solution

Invoice Cockpit for SAP

According to Gartner Research the cost of manually processing an invoice is between $5-8 and requires Accounts Payable to spend a lot of time tracking down people for approvals. Why not automate the process and let your Accounts Payables department apply industry best practices to streamline their existing functions. Wouldn't it be better if your Accounts Payables department can manage every incoming invoice and prioritize invoices to improve your company's cash flow and take advantage of discounts offered by your vendors.

Invoice Cockpit can help you address these common industry challenges. Invoice Cockpit is the control center for the Accounts Payable clerk within SAP. All incoming invoices must flow through the Cockpit before it can be posted into SAP, allowing you to see the relevant data for invoice processing and automatically apply business rules for each and every invoice. The invoice can be in paper, electronic (PDF, XML, EDI) or whatever format that is presented by your vendor.


Invoice Cockpit is the control center for the Accounts Payable clerk within SAP. From here, all relevant data for invoice processing can be accessed and every required processing step can be either executed directly or initiated. The data is received either via an OCR solution, electronic invoice (PDF, XML) or in electronic form (EDI).

With Invoice Cockpit you will see a 100% SAP integrated solution with:

  • Display all relevant data for every invoice, including scanned image
  • 3 Way Match
  • Automatic Company Code Recognition
  • E-mail Capability
  • Adjust and complete invoice data
  • Directly access and view the most important SAP data for each invoice
  • And all of this leads to a Faster Process that will reduce your companies overall cost and processing errors

As a fully SAP-certified Add-On, integrating Invoice Cockpit requires no modification of SAP standard. The use of the familiar SAP environment ensures minimal additional training costs.

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