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Delta consulting has recently partnered with some of the worlds leading software companies in the industry which mainly focus on SAP. Our commitment to this industry is currently bringing you the innovative yet practical solutions such as Invoice Cockpit, Web Cycle and ValiData BW. These solutions combine real-world business expertise with world-class business technologies designed to extend and enhance the performance of your SAP system.

Founded in 1998, Delta consulting is comprised of a group of former SAP executives, many of whom were involved in the original development of SAP. Delta has worked with industry leaders including Connectiv, FMC Corporation, Great Lakes Chemical Corporation and Random House, Inc. Through the combined experiences of our management team and consultants, Delta draws upon knowledge gained from involvement in over 200 SAP implementations. All of this leads to an organization that focuses on bringing qualified consultants and cutting edge SAP software packages that will enhance your current SAP platform.

Our focus is on SAP products and solutions to help you gain a stronger use of your SAP platform while allowing you and your employees to work at a higher level of efficiency. This focus enables Delta to bring a unique perspective to our customers while helping them achieve a more profitable organization. In addition, our smaller size allows us to establish a level of personalization with our customers, enabling us to quickly respond to frequently changing customer needs.

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