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SAP User Profile provide a general sense of security in that it prevents unauthorized user from logging into your SAP system (assuming that they do not know the user's password.) How can you ensure that the password isn't being shared but being accessed by unauthorized personnel? Simple answer is you don't. That is why you need a solution that can go several levels deeper:

bioLock is the only SAP NetWeaver certified identity management system for SAP and can offer you 5-level of security for your SAP System.

  • Level I - Logon Protection
  • Level II - Transaction Protection
  • Level III - Fields and Infotypes
  • Level IV - Field Values
  • Level V - Dual Confirmation
This allows you to log all activities associated with the user at both the transaction and data usage level. Fraud prevention is the key objective of Sarbanes-Oxley. Section 404 requires that companies develop strong internal controls to prevent and detect fraud. The bioLock solution provides your audit and internal control department with a powerful tool to ensure that compliance is achieved at every levels and that valuable data is protected. For the first time, SAP users can uniquely identify valid users and reject unauthorized users based on their biometric credentials. bioLock will allow a company to ensure that only the actual authorized user can use the assigned SAP User Profile.

Advantages of bioLock over password protection
  • Biometrics security cannot be copied or stolen
  • Eliminate finger pointing and expensive lawsuits
  • Security at the transaction and data level to make It harder for any unauthorized access
  • Flexibility to protect only the transactions and data which are sensitive to the company while leaving security general activity to SAP logon.
  • Simple to install and ROI in 3 years or less
  • 100% accountability by uniquely identifying the actual user

Download SAP Spectrum article on Biometrics

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